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It’s no secret that having really strong and well-shot images can make or break a product a brand or an advertising campaign. Good commercial photography in Perth will have a positive effect on a small start up business as well as larger corporate organisations.

Some online advertisers are now demanding hi-quality images before they will consider placing saleable items on their site, so it goes without saying that all your visual media needs to stand out from the rest. With the amount of time we’re all spending online it’s vital to get it right and make sure the images you use are synonymous with quality and professionalism.

1 – Don’t take shortcuts

It may seem tempting and economical to get the office junior to take a few shots with a mobile phone or a compact camera but what does that say in terms of how you value your business? Think about how you want you, your company, product or event to be perceived. Place some value in the way your images are captured and you will see a big difference in style and quality. Always use someone who has lots of experience with cameras and lighting.

2 – Do some research

Before you embark on a media campaign, be it small or large scale, be certain about what it is you’re trying to achieve. Get online and see if you can find some photographic styles and examples you’d like to emulate. Perhaps a colour hue, certain picture aspect or even a monochrome style might suit your project. Being confident going into a project means you’ll have to be prepared and know what results you want.

3 – Choose the right equipment

When you’re thinking about commercial photography in Perth there are several places you can buy or hire good quality, professional camera and lighting equipment. Take the time to get to know how your equipment operates and how it all combines. If you’re unsure about what you need, seek out advice from retailers or the company you hire your equipment from

4 – Location, location, location

Photography locations are an important factor when taking professional looking images. Check interiors for ceiling heights, wall colours and window locations and figure out how much room you’ll have to work in. If you can get access to interior lighting switches – such as fluorescent strips – you can better control the lighting conditions to suit your needs.

5 – Hair and make-up

If you’re planning on taking some corporate style portraits or ‘headshots’ as they’re known then a hair and make-up artist might be advisable. Good Make up artists know how to make both men and women look good in front of a camera. Not only that you’ll receive lots of thanks from everyone who’s had to stand in front of the camera when they see the results.

6 – Timing is everything

Plan out your shoot and keep in mind the locations, people and items needed. Taking good quality photographs can take time and doing it well is an art form. Moving from one location to another, changing lenses, interacting with people and figuring out what works best in any given scene can all eat into a schedule, so make sure you give yourself the time you need to complete tasks.

7 – Hire a professional

If the thought of taking on a digital media project seems too daunting, why not hire the best commercial photography company in Perth. Imagepro are the leaders when it comes to professional images. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your next project.

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