8 Key Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring Your Photographer


In the world of professional photography, there is never a day that is least significant. That’s because every time when people need a photographer for a certain commercial or corporate shoot, the event must be of great significance and value that only a professional photographer has to be hired to capture the event’s proceedings. The success of this engagement will depend on whether that value is met or not.

Value Attachment

At Imagepro, a commercial and professional photography company in Perth, Australia, we have consciously embraced that value attachment early on as part of our customer engagement process. We asked ourselves questions that clients would possibly be asking when evaluating prospective photographers. We asked as if we were clients testing our own services. And as we framed the questions, we simultaneously sought the answers that both we and the clients would want to hear.

This kind of empathy exercise enabled us to connect to our clients more easily. Hence, we would like to share these key questions to customers who are planning to engage professional photographers like us at Imagepro or any other commercial or corporate photography studios in Perth.

Key Questions to Ask

This article will not belabour the usual interview questions that seek to establish the ground issues for engagement such as:

  • Full name;
  • Address;
  • References;
  • Track record;
  • Types of equipment used;
  • Time of arrival; and
  • Number of personnel involved, among others

These are details that otherwise may be obtained from their professional or business profile. Instead, we will focus on the key questions that will help customers assess the ability of the candidate to deliver their expectations. These expectations include capturing the significance of the event and establishing the sincerity as well as the integrity of the photographer or the agency. So, here are the questions:

  1. I want to capture the significance of my event. Why do you think I will receive more advantages and benefits if I’ll hire you?

This question seeks an elaborative answer. It draws out the photographer to talk about his services. At the same time, it focuses on how the objective of the customer may be achieved if he hires the candidate.

  1. Could you please describe how you go about your actual work as a photographer?

The answer to this question is also an elaboration of how the photographer does his actual shoot. It gives the customer an idea if the shooting style of the photographer is passive or active. Whatever work system the photographer is adopting, the system has to contribute to the customer’s goal attainment.

  1. How are you different from other photographers?

This question seeks to know how the distinction, whether it is better service or different style or method, will help the customer achieve what he wants. The distinction has to be correlated to the objective of the customer otherwise it will not offer any merit at all.

  1. Given the description and objective of the event, how do you propose the format of the photography should be? What are the options?

We are now drawing from the vast experience of the photographer to elicit from him his recommendation as to the better format or method to be used. We may have our own ideas. However, by asking this question, we can both get a test answer to check his competence and an affirmation or suggestion for what we originally have in mind.

  1. What experiences do you have in covering events of this kind? What lessons have you learned?

This question can draw out two possible replies. One, it will reveal if the candidate has experience or not. Two, tells if some of the experiences that the photographer may have will provide lessons that can be applied to our event. We can follow through with a couple of questions on the lessons just to make sure the errors do not repeat themselves.

  1. What is your experience with the venue?

If the photographer has had photography coverage in the location, the answer to this question should help to confirm or change the venue, if necessary.

  1. I understand you have special packages for your photography services. What packages are available for this type of occasion? Can you customize a package for our specific needs?

This question should open discussions on what inputs and outputs are included in available packages, or in the package that the photographer will offer.

  1. How soon can we expect to see the initial outputs of our engagement? What is the process to be observed from initial output to final output?

It is important for us to know the milestones of the engagement to keep us on track with our event.

The trend of these questions would clearly lead to possible discussions of the contract amount and payment terms. It is expected that a summary of the discussions between the customer and the photographer will be made as a prelude to the submission of a financial proposal. Of course, the decision as to which photographer to hire will depend on the customer’s evaluation of the submitted proposals and his personal experience with the photographers during the interview.

If you wish to check out Imagepro, then don’t hesitate to visit our website (www.imagepro.net.au/), and be our guest! We will be delighted to discuss with you if you’ll ask us those key questions.

You may also contact Mark on 04150 43775 or mark@imagepro.net.au

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