Commercial photography in PerthDrone photography in Perth

Commercial photography in Perth has changed considerably in recent years with the advent of aerial drones. Technology and accessibility has enabled some operators to expand their services and offer aerial drone photography in Perth and throughout Western Australia. This is great news if you need to generate mixed digital media for online projects, as it’s never been more affordable.

Drone technology

It’s no secret that DJI dominates the aerial drone market, and for all the right reasons. Their drones are reliable, full of safety features and the image quality they’re capable of producing is is superb. Aerial drones are able to shoot digital stills in JPEG, RAW and DNG formats and in a plethora of different modes from time-lapse to bracketed HDR style shots. The video they’re able to produce is also very high quality. Most drones are now capable of capturing video in both 4K and 1080P, which will look great on any LCD TV or computer monitor. Pro camera drones are also fitted with a gimbal, which means the video footage always looks steady and silky smooth.

Safety first

One of the most important facets of operating an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is how safe they are to operate. The more professional drones come equipped with obstacle avoidance sensors. Which means the UAV is better at detecting and avoiding collisions with fixed objects such as trees and buildings. The more advanced drones have sensors at the front, rear, side and underneath. These are important features to have as it simply lowers the risk of accidents.

It’s also important to make sure that the aerial drone company is also a registered Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA) registered operator.

Camera pilot

For corporate and industrial aerials here in Perth and WA you’re going to need not only a good drone pilot but also a great photographer that understands how to get the best possible pictures and video for your project.

Setting up picture profiles and getting everything set correctly on an aerial drone camera can be challenging but it’s critically important if you’re going to get the very best out of the images and video you’re trying to capture. Make sure that whichever company you hire has plenty of experience in digital photography and HD video. Remember, you might be hiring a good pilot but can they produce professional images?

Weather and conditions

It may seem a ‘no brainer’ but the weather conditions are the most important factor when considering aerial photography in Perth or anywhere in WA.

Make sure you plan ahead and choose the right day for your shoot. Drones don’t fly when it’s raining. They do however, fly when it’s overcast or cloudy – so if it’s dramatic skylines you’re after then plan ahead. Similarly, bright sunny days always look great but can also present challenges, particularly if you plan on flying over water.

Commercial photography in Perth

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