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Commercial photography in Perth and WA has come a long way over the last few years. The recent improvements in drone technology and their rapid proliferation have enabled pro-photographers in Perth to meet the needs of a burgeoning market. Corporate, industrial, real estate, commercial, farming and events are just some industries that use drones for online videos and presentations.

Which Drone do I need?

It all depends on what your requirements are. Most commercial drones are capable of producing high definition 1080P video and ultra high definition or 4K video, which refers to the horizontal and vertical pixel resolution.

The video quality is excellent and depending on the location aerials can look spectacular. There’s no doubt that both the DJI phantom and Inspire drones are well regarded and often used by companies specializing in commercial photography in Perth. The reason they’re used is because of their quality, reliability and safety features. They’re also capable of taking hi-quality digital stills as Jpeg’s, DNG’s and the more advanced RAW format.

Safety first

If you’re thinking of using a company in Perth offering aerial drones, then you need to be aware of the current Laws and restrictions that apply throughout Perth and the rest of Australia. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requires all operators of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) to be licensed or registered before they can undertake work on a commercial level. So, make sure who ever you hire they have all the required credentials and insurances. Similarly, UAV operators should make regular checks to the CASA website to make sure they’re informed about any new changes in regulations.

Can anyone hire a drone?

Any corporate, small businesses or sole trader can hire a drone. The price point is very reasonable and for just over a hundred dollars you could expect to have some very effective and stunning aerial images. Of course you can expect to pay extra if you require lots of images and you’ll pay a more for HD or UHD video footage. Also, if you require specialist lenses, thermal imaging or mapping or you require a more advanced drone expect to pay a little more. In some instances you’ll also have to factor in travel time to rural and remote locations.

Be sure to hire a good UAV operator

Before you hire a drone take a moment to think about the company you’re going to use. Many people claim to be drone operators but are they qualified in digital media, digital photography or video production? Do they understand formats and delivery? Drone operation requires highly developed creative and technical skills to deliver quality images.

Commercial photography in Perth

If you require commercial photography in Perth or throughout WA and need a CASA registered aerial drone operator then contact us at imagepro for a no obligation quotation. We’re the leaders in our field and have over 30 years’ experience in the commercial sector. We also specialize in corporate and industrial photography and video production. We’re friendly, affordable and ready to help you with your next project. Call today!

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