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Looking to hire an industrial drone Photographer?

It may sound simple enough. But finding a reputable and licensed industrial drone photographer who can operate safely and gather great images and HD video can be challenging. The additional issues surrounding construction projects such as OH&S, PPE and compliance can also add to the headache. So, take some time and do some research. Make sure that whoever you hire is a professional drone operator and they have all the necessary accreditation.

Certainly, looking at an industrial drone operator’s website or social media page is a good start. However, if the images they have on their site are just shots of beaches and parks then it could indicate that they are hobbyists. A good industrial drone operator should have examples of construction and industrial projects. Moreover, there are a few important factors when you’re considering hiring a company or individual to undertake aerial drone work.

  • CASA certification & Insurances
  • Knowledge of construction and mine site compliance
  • Ability to capture, edit and produce hi-quality photography and HD video 

CASA Certified commercial Drone Pilot

Authority Qualifications

Becoming a registered commercial drone pilot in Australia requires individuals to attend a 5-day training course. The course is endorsed by the Australian Civil Aviation and Safety Authority. Once completed attendees will then attain their Remote Pilots Licence (RePL) and an Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC). The training is intensive but gives drone operators a strong foundation in aviation law and general aeronautics and navigation skills. While the course mixes theory and practical skills the emphasis for all participants is the adoption of strict safety protocols when operating a drone. Public liability insurance is also a mandatory requirement of many corporations in Perth and Western Australia. So, it’s a good idea to make sure any drone operator is covered and they are a bonafide and accredited operator

Industrial drone Photography

A competent and experienced industrial drone photographer will have experience in a range of different environments and conditions. Moreover, they will be familiar with construction and mine site procedures and compliance. In some cases, a drug and alcohol screen is required if operators are travelling to a remote mine site. At a minimum on some urban sites will require a breathalyser before operations can commence. Often, police clearances will be required. Furthermore, Hi-vis clothing, steel capped boots and other items of personal protection equipment are required on nearly all construction sites. These include hard hats, gloves and safety glasses. So, in summary, make sure the operators you choose have the necessary equipment and are able to fulfil all other requirements.



Drone photographer Perth

Commercial photography

Not only do commercial drone pilots need to have good flying and drone operational skills, they need to know how to capture hi-quality images and HD video footage. Some pilots have minimal expertise with cameras nor do they have any understanding of optics, photographic principles or post-production editing and delivery. Make sure when you are looking to employ a drone operator that they have some qualifications and photography experience. Some of the better drone operators are also commercial photographers and will be qualified and experienced in hi-quality image capture.


It’s a minor point, but the better drone op’s have UHF radios as well as an air-band VHF transceivers. This enables communication between any of the onsite operations as well as the ability to monitor local airspace activity. Again, safety is of paramount importance on construction and mine sites having the correct communication devices all helps in maintaining good safety standards. 

Industrial Drone Photographer Perth

If you’re looking for a commercial drone operator in Western Australia. Why not contact Imagepro. We are CASA registered operators with many years of experience working on industrial projects and mine sites. Imagepro is an established commercial photography company based in Perth and offer a wide range of commercial photographic services. contact us today to see how we can be of service.