CASE STUDY: Apex Radiology, Perth WA

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According to their website, Apex Radiology (Formally Global Diagnostics) is ‘one of the leading providers of diagnostic imaging services in Western Australia’.

Initially, the marketing coordinator from Apex Radiology contacted us at Imagepro to discuss what was involved in generating high quality images for a re-branding of their company website. They were interested in having a local, Perth commercial photographer involved with their new brand, and wanted some ideas and advice about how they should proceed.

Initially, we provided the client a questionnaire to gather more information about what type of commercial photography they required. This included the style and look they wanted. Furthermore, we requested any online photography examples they had already seen and liked. This was to ensure we had a clear understanding about the visual aesthetic they were trying to achieve.

In summary we identified some key points the client wanted us to keep in mind while acquiring images for this project:

  • To generate clean and simple images
  • The photographs needed to be bright and friendly
  • To showcase staff alongside the equipment used in the business
  • To document interaction with patients

Corporate photographer Perth

Logistically, we sent the client a shooting schedule to make sure the areas of the business being photographed had the time and resources needed. This is a great way to make sure all locations are being captured and all the key stakeholders in place on the day of photography.

This is a vital and important part of the production process. As often some companies have unrealistic ideas about what can be achieved within any given timeframe. Detailing the locations and knowing which personnel and equipment is needed can save time before the day of photography. It makes it clear to all stakeholders what is required and reduces variables.

Two locations were photographed; one in Mandurah and the other situated at Busselton Hospital. Fortunately, both locations were well equipped and fully staffed.

Location Photography Perth

The shooting days at both locations was tight but manageable. A full frame Canon 5D mark4 was used as the primary camera coupled with a EF 24-105mm F4 IS II lens. The lighting inventory consisted of two Canon 600EXii-RT Speedlites. Softboxes and other lighting modifiers were used to soften shadows. These were particularly useful for environmental portraits. Occasionally, some make-up was applied to some of the staff to lessen shine and reflectivity of facial skin tones.

During the shooting phases at both locations the client was present to direct staff and oversee photography, ensuring all required images were captured.

Processing and editing

Between both of the locations over 500 images were captured. Processing of images was done in Adobe Lightroom. As Lightroom is a bulk image editor it was a simple task to apply edits across the entire set of images. Some blemish removal was applied to some of the portrait shots but overall, the processing was rudimentary. Finally, once the selections were finalised the images were then exported as jpegs. Formatting of the photographs was implemented for both online use and for print. So, two sets of identical images were eventually presented to the client. 

Professional images

On completion of the project the clients were ‘very happy with the results’. In fact, Imagepro was recommissioned 12 months later to take more images of staff and equipment at their new site in O’Connor. We are grateful to Apex Radiology’s staff and management as they responded positively to the advice and guidance offered them in making this project a success.

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