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CASE STUDY: Duzu Watches

Perth Product Photography

Duzu watches describe their business as being a ‘…a watch brand that is proudly Western Australian’. They are a unique outdoor, beach and lifestyle watch brand that will appeal to a wide demographic. When the founder contacted Imagepro for professional product photography in Perth, he was specific in detailing exactly what he wanted his products to look like and the photographic style he wanted.

Product photography brief

Our client wanted stylised and clean looking images that showed the products in a dramatic and engaging way. He requested strong contrasting lighting as well as detailing the different facets of each of the watches. The product shots were to be used on the client’s webpage as well as being used in print. Moreover, products shots would potentially appear in men’s magazines, newspapers and other periodicals. The studio booked for one day which included 4 hours of studio photography and 4 hours of editing.

Photographic approach

Imagepro were given two watches. One was silver and the other was nearly entirely black with the exception of the detailing on the watch face. Each of the products was shot with a full frame Canon EOS 5D Mark iii Camera. A Canon EF 2.8L 100mm Macro lens was used to capture close up detail of the front, rear and side views. Both products were lit using strobe lights using a variety of lighting techniques that captured the unique qualities of both of the pieces. A small black leather backdrop was also used on some of the images to add texture and to contrast with both of the timepieces.

product photography Perth

Product Lighting

Product photography lighting can be quite complex. Particularly when you are dealing with reflective surfaces, chrome and glass. The angles at which you place items is crucial and small changes can have a dramatic effect on the overall look and aesthetic of each image.

Soft lighting was trialled along with direct, hard light to see which would have the most impact and add the most drama to each image. Once the studio photography was completed, the post production phase began.

Photo editing and Post-Production

For all of the images generated for this product photography assignment a RAW file format was used. This provided the maximum flexibility during the post-production phase. Canon’s proprietary RAW format enables wide ranging adjustments in colour, tone, sharpness and many other parameters. Moreover, this is particularly useful when you are photographing smaller products as you have larger files with more data. Therefore, allowing more flexibility and options when considering the final, completed image. Final touches and blemish removals were made using Adobe Photoshop.

The final product shots

Finally, once the edits were completed. A total of 13 images were generated for the Silver ‘Ningaloo Reef’ model and 10 images of the black version. So, the images were a mix of large close-ups of the faces, rear views, low angle front elevations as well as some ‘lifestyle’ outdoor shots. All the images were then formatted as hi-resolution jpegs. Two versions were generated. One for use online and the other for print.


product photographers Perth

Client testimonial

The client was very happy with the shots he received and commented on the ‘excellent service’ he had been provided by Imagepro. It was indicated at the time that the shots would also be used to advertise on social media pages, primarily Facebook.

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