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High definition videos have now become one of the most leveraged marketing and promotional tools on the Internet and, more increasingly, on social media platforms. So if you’re considering commercial photography in Perth with a view to high definition video production, then you need to be aware of some of the steps in making successful online videos.


Be very clear about what you’re trying to achieve. It’s important to establish whom your audience is and what message or information you’re trying to impart. Think about the content you need and the duration of your final edited piece. Have an idea about where you plan on showing your video such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or Instagram for example and check what video format you need to deliver in. Do you need it in 4K or will 1080P suffice?


This is arguably the most important part of the whole production process. You need to think carefully about your ideas and how they will be realized.

Take some time and think about who will be involved and what locations, crew and equipment is needed here in Perth or throughout WA. Consider how long you’ll need to get the footage you want. Your pre-production should also consider post-production requirements such as video editing, graphics, animation, voice-overs and music etc.

If you pre-visualize and plan correctly then the implementation becomes a whole lot easier. 


Be realistic about how much you can put towards your video project, and make sure you account for all aspects of the production. A simple spreadsheet will show you exactly where your money is being spent and where savings can be made. Itemizing all the components and accounting for them all can save you a lot of stress.


This might seem overkill but proper planning is important if your video shoot is going to be smooth and hassle free. Make sure the people involved are aware of what is expected on the day and where and when any filming will take place and at what time. I’ve learned the hard way over the years that ‘assumption is the mother of all catastrophes’. Make sure nothing is left to chance. Make sure you draft a simple schedule with dates, times, locations and requirements and email it to everyone involved well before the day of the video shoot.

Equipment list

HD video equipment has evolved in recent years and there is now a plethora of affordable cameras and equipment you can utilize. Make sure the company you choose can offer you the right equipment, crew and expertise to get the job done. Check to see if they can provide some examples of previous work and see if they have some testimonials from happy clients.

Companies offering hi-end commercial photography in Perth will have a range of services including aerial drones, grip equipment, specialist cameras and post production services that will help get your video presentations to the next level.

Use the right company

If you’re looking for commercial photography in Perth, Western Australia and need professional video production then contact Imagepro today to see how we can help you with your next project.

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