Commercial photography in PerthCommercial photography in Perth

If you’re thinking about commercial photography in Perth then there are numerous reasons to make sure your next photo or video project is done in the most professional way possible. According to Brandwatch – an online marketing website – over 300 billion searches are performed every month on Google, which amounts to 40,000 per every second.

So to stand out from the crowd your going to have to think seriously about all your visual content and what kind of presence you have online. Whether you’re part of a large corporate company or a small business here in Perth, being synonymous with quality matters.

Hi-quality photography

Many companies struggle with their identity or have very little visual media on their websites. Some don’t bother to update their content regularly and quite often use inferior low-quality visuals.

Some even have stock photography, which can often be seen elsewhere. If you’re serious about your brand or the service or products you provide why wouldn’t you invest in hi-quality photography, video and digital media.

This is particularly true if you are advertising or posting on the mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Google Plus.


Visual Identity

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that people will make a decision about using your service or product based on the quality of your website or social media platform and that means having great looking visuals.

According to Hubspot, 73% of Business to Consumer content creators said that creating more Engaging content was their top priority in 2017. What better way than improving the standard of photographic and video content of a site.


Digital images

It would seem almost impossible to post or blog about anything online without adding photography or video content. In fact, another statistic suggests that posts with images see nearly 2.5 times more engagement than those without.

Which makes sense when you’re reminded that people retain information much better when images are paired with the information.


The rise of online video

The use of online video has seen a massive surge over the last 12 months. As bandwidths via the NBN have been increasing nationally so has the use of online video to advertise and promote services, products, and locations as well as a range of other marketing purposes.

In fact Hubspot cites in one survey 76.5% of small businesses owners said video marketing had a direct impact on their business.

Another important statistic to remember is that video will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019 according to Cisco Systems.


Using professional images

In this online digital age we live in, business’ need to think seriously about their online content like never before. Well-crafted, professional photography and creative, well produced video are vital if you want to be recognized as a serious, professional company or organization.


If you’re looking for a trusted, friendly and affordable company that specializes in commercial photography in Perth as well as online video production then contact us at Imagepro for a no obligation quotation today.

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