Commercial photography in PerthDrone photography in Perth

If you’re about to start planning commercial photography in Perth, you might want to give a thought to drone photography in Perth. Not only do we have some amazing coastlines and vistas to capture from the air here in WA, there’s a multitude of corporate and industrial applications that a drone will fit neatly into and greatly expand the impact of visuals.

Standing out

As consumers we are inundated with hundreds of images on a daily basis, some estimates put that figure at up to 700 per day. Not only do we see those images from TV and cinema but also from online sources and more increasingly from social media. There’s so much visual media in the form of photographs and video that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. So if you’re trying to differentiate your visuals from others then drone photography in Perth can certainly offer something different.


As humans we’re used to seeing things from a standard perspective. Depending on our own height of course most of the time we see things at eye level. Drones here in Perth usually operate from between 10–120 meters from ground level and at variable angles of view, so seeing photos and video from these viewpoints is refreshing, exciting and gives a whole new outlook and a professional edge.


If you need to capture images and footage of a large area or a site then aerial drone footage and photographs is going to be your best option. Not only will you have a bids eye view of the area you can also get a great deal of coverage and different angles as well as you don’t need to reposition yourself in the same way you would if you were shooting video with a camera at ground level. Access is quicker and easier with a drone.

Processing and editing

Most professional drones are capable of recording 4K-resolution video, which for most applications is more than enough in terms of quality. Photographs too are generally quite good quality with the better drones using a 20Mp camera to capture images in both RAW and Jpeg. Both video and images can be easily edited in most of the popular image editors such as Final Cut, Premiere and Photoshop, so adding a little more colour, contrast and sharpness isn’t going to be a problem


Always remember that flying a drone here in WA for commercial purposes requires either individuals or companies to be registered with the Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA). There are strict regulations and guidelines, which must be adhered to when operating a drone

Commercial photography in Perth

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