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Commercial photography PerthAre you asking the right questions?

For any commercial photography shoot there are so many things to consider and making sure you gather all the relevant information before you contact any photographer is a very important ingredient for success. Whether you’re planning on getting some marketing collateral for a corporate overview or even if you’re a small business in Perth looking to get some startup imagery, you need think about what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Location and other information you should know

A professional commercial photographer will want to know as much information about the project as possible. So think about the scope of the work. If it’s simply a few head shots or portraits of some key personnel in your company then you’ll need to discuss a location; perhaps a boardroom or a large office with some natural light, it’s more than likely you’ll need to book this location in advance. Including a hair and makeup artist will also add to the cost so it’s always wise to discuss and decide if one is needed. Once you settle on a time and date the rest is fairly straight forward.

Product photography

Product photography can be a tricky one. There isn’t much point in seeking out a quotation for product photography in Perth if you don’t know what you want your items to look like. Often it’s better to think backwards and focus on how your photo-media is going to be used. The first question a professional photographer will probably ask is how the images will be used. Will they be just for the web or do you need to use them for advertising, print, TV, cinema, billboards etc? They’ll also want to know how many products you have, how big or small they are, what kind of backgrounds you’d like to see them on or if you want them etched (backgrounds removed). It’s all about the detail and the more information you have to pass on the more likely it is you’ll get the outcomes you want. You might want to decide if you can do the shoot on-site at your location or in a controlled studio setting. It might seem like a lot of effort and work initially but it all pays off in the end.

Some examples of the location would be nice

If you’re not sure what style or look you want, and then try doing some research and seek out material on the web you can base your ideas on. Perhaps you’ve seen a photo with some great lighting or you’ve seen a location you would like to use. Anything you can provide to a photographer that helps them develop some ideas about style or the creative direction you want to go in will help them zero in on how to approach the brief.

Always get in touch

Always call and discuss your project with any photographer you’re thinking about using. An email can carry a lot of information but it’s no replacement for an in-depth discussion about requirements. Most commercial photography companies will be able to offer you advice about how best to approach your project and how to avoid any potential issues or concerns. It doesn’t matter if it’s a location or studio project, just having an initial conversation can get the whole project off to a good start.

Use image professionals

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