Commercial photography in Perth and what to look for


Commercial photography model

Advertising, editorial, corporate, products, training, events and education are sectors most commercial photographers cover

Finding the right company

Finding the right commercial photography company in Perth or anywhere in Australia can be a bit hit and miss and there are certainly some key indicators all businesses should be aware of when choosing a photographer. Whether you are a large corporate or a small business, picking the right company and the right photographer can make a big difference.


Some commercial photography companies in Perth offer a wide range of services including corporate portraits or headshots, company profiles, product photography, event coverage, industrial overviews, editorial, advertising, marketing and promotion and even team photos. Some however specialise in one or two if these areas. Dependent on your needs it’s important to see samples of their past and present work. Are the pictures they take of a high standard? Are they well composed, well-lit and appealing to look at?

Client testimonials

Another guiding factor when selecting a good commercial photographer in Perth is to see if they have any client feedback. What do the people they work for say about them? Chances are if they are good at what they do and provide a professional service, clients will have no problem in providing feedback about how they rated their photography and services. Have a look through their website and see if they have a testimonial page. It won’t take long to find out how they are rated by their customers.

Quality of service

It’s one thing seeing nice looking pictures and reading what clients are saying about them but how does that relate to your needs? You might have specific requirements or a project that requires a lot of planning and logistics. You need to know that whoever you employ will be able to fit in with your needs. Quite often it’s simply better to call and see what advice they can offer you. A reputable photographer will be able to give you valuable information that may save you time and money. They can help you plan a small business or larger corporate project and give you input about the best way to get the outcomes you need. It’s safe to say that the best results are achieved with proper planning and collation of all relevant information. Many inexperienced photographers overlook this part of the process so be careful to choose a company that communicates well and plans effectively.

Choosing a Commercial photographer in Perth

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