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The quality of real estate photography in Perth and throughout Australia has lifted a few notches in recent years and most corporates and small businesses involved in selling property know how important commercial photography is when it comes to sales and marketing. In fact, it’s the most important facet when it comes to generating interest and gaining potential buyers. Making sure you have professional looking images and styling is vital if you’re serious about clinching that elusive sale in the current property market.

Tough times in property

It’s no secret that WA and the rest of Australia have been experiencing challenging times in the domestic and corporate sectors. Despite signs that there may be a recovery around the corner, the Perth housing market remains in a slump. So, it’s more important than ever to make sure that sales and marketing collateral is of the highest standard, and that includes pictures. Making sure you spend a little extra time and effort getting the best, high-quality images of a property could mean the difference when it comes to making a sale.

What sells property

With the increasing ubiquity of mobile devices, online shopping is now the norm and when people are looking to buy most will head online and start searching for potential investments. The location and property information are always needed but could you imagine selling a property without photos? No, neither could I. So how do you make a property look its best? What do you need to keep in mind when you are taking photos?

Important things to remember

Try and plan ahead a little. Firstly, think about the time of day you will be shooting and what the weather conditions will be like. Dull cloudy days can make a building look flat and boring; it also means the colours will be less vibrant. Similarly, winter months mean long shadows may be cast in the morning and afternoon. This means that certain views of a building may be in shade during these times. If your photos are really important, do a site visit and see which direction the sun travels and when the property is looking its best. Capturing a twilight shot of the exterior of a building can look very effective too as the lighting and colours are more intense and appealing during this time of day.

Shooting inside

When you take interior shots of a property there a few important things to bear in mind: Firstly, make sure you have high-quality camera equipment and a wide angle lens. You’ll also need a tripod and some portable lighting; as a minimum you’ll need all of this equipment to ensure you deliver quality images. A good wide angle lens that comes back to 24mm will allow you to capture natural images that don’t distort too much or have a ‘fish eye’ look. A tripod will allow you to take longer exposures and capture interior lighting. It also means when you’re shooting longer exposures – so anything less than 1/60th of a second, – you won’t need to worry about camera shake and your photos will remain nice and sharp. A good flash unit either on or off camera will enable you to illuminate poorly lit areas or even augment any lighting that is already there.

Styling can seal the deal

Trying to sell a property without any furniture can be a challenge. One of my regular clients always mentions to me that “trying to sell an empty house needs a lot of imagination from potential buyers as some people simply can’t visualize or imagine how furnishings will look in any given room or space”. It’s much better to buy or hire some quality furniture and style the property before taking any pictures. As a photographer I couldn’t agree more, it certainly makes the photos more interesting and engaging.

Real estate and studio photos

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