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There are so many images floating around the internet and trying to make your commercial photography project stand out from the herd can be a challenge. Buying stock photos from image libraries can be a quick and simple solution for many corporate organizations or small businesses that want fast turnarounds. So what are the advantages and the pitfalls? and, when should you consider hiring a professional commercial photographer.

Haven’t I seen this photo before?

One of the obvious problems with using stock photography, particularly if it’s for a major PR or marking campaign is that it may have already been used or will be used in the future. It’s certainly a risk and perhaps a problem you’ll have to fix later on down the line. If you think of the sheer number of downloads of popular images via online stock libraries and the fact that this happens globally, then it’s going to be nearly impossible to track where the images are being used and what they’re being used for – that fact alone should make you extremely cautious and get you thinking about the advantages of hiring a professional commercial photographer.

Original is the best

I’m currently working on generating photographs for a new advertising campaign being developed for a state government arts project here in Perth, WA. They employ a prominent advertising agency to handle the creative and logistical components of the project and I spoke to one of their senior creatives who told me they had based part of the advertising campaign on a photograph they had sourced from a well-known online image library. Weeks later they discovered that same picture had been used elsewhere, locally, for another high profile corporate organization. Whoops!

Thankfully they reverted to plan ‘B’ which was getting me to generate original and newly created photographs to which they would have complete creative control over as well as having copyright ownership.

When is it’s OK to buy stock photos

If you have a commercial photography project that has a requirement for generic images then perhaps a stock library could be a solution. For example, if you needed a picture of an apple, a flower, a water droplet, a palm tree or even a sunset then do you really need to hire a professional photographer? Maybe not. Perhaps you need pictures taken outside of Perth, maybe in a different country or remote area and it’s simply too difficult or expensive to send a photographer. There are many other reasons to use stock photography libraries but, if you want more specific and tailored images and want the peace of mind knowing you own the photographs outright then use a professional commercial photography company.

Use a professional photographer

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