Commercial Photography in Perth, the Web and why it matters

Commercial photography Perth

Commercial Photography Perth

There’s no doubt that over the past few years and now into 2016 the digital revolution happening on the web and mobile devices has gone to a whole new level. Commercial photography and design are major contributing factors in branding and marketing success and more and more companies; both large corporate and small business ventures, are leveraging the power of these two vital ingredients.  Be it studio based or on location – harnessing the power of great photography really makes a difference to how you’re being perceived.

Quality is synonymous with success

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to appreciate that if you spend time creating a great looking and functional website people are going to start to take notice. Be it a small startup in Perth or an established corporate company operating Australia wide, if you’re serious about your profile, product or public image then you’re going to need some hi-quality commercial photography at some point.

There are billions of pictures uploaded and disseminated via the internet daily, in fact there are over 2 billion shared on Facebook every single day! Instagram has over 58 million photo uploads every day. Photo sharing platform Snapchat has 200 million users sharing close to 9 thousand photos per second! So, with that much imagery being circulated it makes it hard to stand out from the herd.

Why it’s important to have great images

If you look at any successful brand, Sony, Apple or Samsung for instance you notice immediately how much emphasis is put on striking and well-crafted commercial photography and creative design, just have a look at their portfolio or products pages. Yes, there’s always a lot to read on these manufacturer sites but that’s not what gets us hooked. It’s the imagery and design. Beautiful looking studio shots and location photography are the hallmarks of many of these famous brands.

Successful companies figured out years ago that making sure that they had hi-quality photography and design was a vital and mandatory part of their advertising strategy. It’s now widely accepted that professional photography and quality shots taken by a pro photographer are much more likely to engage customers than text alone.

In fact, according to one recent marketing survey, content with relevant pictures get 94% more views than content without! It’s a stark and important statistic to remember if you want to reach out and have your content taken seriously.

Stock shots verses hiring a photographer

So what’s the difference in getting stock shots or hiring a commercial photographer in Perth, WA to get the shots you need? The main problem with using stock shots is that you don’t have any control over who else is using them. You may have based an important corporate campaign, website or product launch on a cheap set of stock photos only to find out weeks or months later that the same photography is being used elsewhere. If you use a professional commercial service you’ll have complete control over what images are used as well as knowing the photographs are tailored and specific to your business needs.

Employing a professional

If you want to employ the services of a friendly, reputable and established commercial photography company based in Perth,WA then contact  Imagepro photography and design and see why we’re image professionals.

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