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When you’re ready for commercial photography in Perth there are many important factors involved in producing professional images. If you want to get it right first time then you need to start thinking about all the ingredients necessary for delivering hi-quality visual media. It doesn’t matter whether is a corporate project or a small business venture the process is very much the same.

If you’ve never hired a professional photographer before or if you’re a little unsure of what you need, start by asking the ‘right’ questions. Below we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about commercial photography in Perth.

What will it cost?

It all depends on exact requirements, the number of people involved, the number of photographs taken, the locations, the time required to set up each shot and the amount of time it takes to process, edit and develop all the photos.

This can vary depending on what type of photography you need: corporate, products, events, industrial, editorial, marketing, sales and aerial photography have different workflows so you’ll need to think carefully about your project. Most pro-photography companies will have hourly, half day and full day rates depending on requirements.

How long will it take?

Planning is an important part of any photo-shoot. The more time spent on logistics and prep the smoother the shoot will go on the day. Commercial photographers work as efficiently as possible but each photo-shoot has different requirements so it’s hard to be exact. Remember, you need to factor in what is involved on the day such as lighting, make-up, moving to separate locations and safety considerations. You will need to consider set-up and pack down time too.

How much space will we need?

If you’re working inside the more space the photographer has to work with the more options you have creatively. It’s important to remember that working in a larger area means the photographer can place the camera and the lighting equipment in different positions and angles. This is particularly relevant when you’re taking photos of people and products.

Is the location important?

The location you choose can be critical to the success of any photography assignment. Keep in mind the lighting conditions and surroundings. If you’re using interior locations think about the wall colours, window placement, the height of ceilings. Does the environment suit the style of the images you are trying to produce? If you’re thinking of shooting exteriors then remember the weather and the time of day can be critical.

What do I need to decide on before I call a Photographer?

A commercial photographer will want to know what the images will be used for and how you want them to look. If you’re not sure but you’ve seen some examples of photography you like, take notes on why they appeal to you. The more information they have the better. You can always discuss your project with the photographer so they can help you find the right solution

How long will it be before I get my images?

Again, it depends on requirements. You will need to decide what processing is required on your shots and in what format you want them delivered. Most photos need some form of processing whether its something as simple as cropping or resizing. Some images may need more intensive editing and retouching such as product shots. 24-48 hours is a standard turn around time on many commercial photography jobs but this can vary on larger projects and there is always the option of express delivery on important jobs.

If you’re looking for a commercial photography in Perth then contact imagepro today for a free, no-obligation quotation and discover why we’re the image professionals.

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