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There are so many things to consider when you start a commercial photography project but if you’re serious about getting great looking images and achieving the outcomes you need then there are several important steps you can take to maximize your success. If you’re going to hire a professional photographer in Perth for corporate, advertising or marketing purposes then most of the hassle is taken care of. But, if you plan on doing it yourself you’re going to have to skill up.

#1 Planning and location

As with most projects, planning is one of the major factors in generating professional looking commercial photography. ‘Proper planning prevents poor performance’ is an old military adage that rings true for almost any photo assignment. If you plan out what you need, where and when your shoot will be, who is involved, how it’s supposed to look and what equipment you need then you have a fighting chance of hitting the mark. ‘Winging it’ leaves the door open to failure and is more stressful than a properly planned and executed photo-shoot. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a large corporate project or a small studio based job, planning is the key to getting professional outcomes.

#2 Know your equipment

If you plan on taking some corporate style photos yourself make sure you get your hands on some good quality photographic equipment and learn how to use it before attempting any serious photography. There’s nothing more unprofessional than seeing someone trying to figure out how to use camera and lighting gear out on a location. Make sure you know what format you need to shoot in and how to set up your camera for the conditions you‘re going to be in. Interiors will require a different approach to exterior locations as weather is always an important consideration. Although, we’re lucky here in Perth and throughout WA as the weather is accommodating most of the year round.

#3 Do some research

Think about what style and look you need to achieve. This is more important for corporate head shots, overviews and product photography. Get online and research some photographers and companies here in Perth that are producing or using the type of photographs you are trying to capture then see if you can replicate that particular style.

#4 Keep it simple 

Know your limitations. If digital technology and camera’s aren’t your thing then simplify your camera settings and the set-ups you intend on using. If you’re not confident with off- camera lighting then use a simple on-camera flash. Try and stick to the basics and perhaps use a semi- automatic camera mode until your skills and confidence improve.

#5 Use a tripod, particularly in a studio

If you’re trying to get tack sharp images, particularly in low lighting conditions, then use a tripod. Not only does it enable you to get sharper looking images by placing your camera on a stable platform, it allows you to work hands free when you need to without leaving your camera on the floor or a coffee filled table. Ask any good photographer and they’ll tell you using a tripod alone will improve your shots instantly.

#6 Take lots of shots

If you’re after the perfect photograph, you’ll increase your chances by simply taking more shots. Vary your framing, lighting and angles and make sure you have lots of material to choose from.

#7 If in doubt hire a professional

If you’re in a hurry or simply don’t have the skills to get the pictures you need then hire a professional commercial photography company who will do all the heavy lifting for you. Most will have the latest cameras and post production workflows, ideal for corporates and small businesses, allowing you to concentrate on other things.

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