Photo manipulation – commercial photography in Perth

Commercial photography in Perth

Ethical digital images are important

The purpose of commercial photography in Perth is to generate sales and profits by promoting a variety of products or services for a company. This however begs the question – should we always expect complete honesty from digital images that are used
in advertisements or promotions?

The answer to this question depends on the reason for making these changes, whether they are meant to deceive the public for nefarious reasons or whether they are meant to improve an image and to simply fix subtle flaws.

Acceptable enhancements of commercial photography in Perth

In general, there are two instances when manipulating images for commercial purposes is acceptable. The first is to fix flaws that would otherwise detract from the image. An example of this is when we remove red eye from a photograph or change the background lighting because it is too bright.

Another example of manipulating photographs is when something unexpected has been included in the image and nobody noticed it at the time. If left, these flaws are expected to detract from the purpose of the image. These touch-ups can include erasing a dog that just happened to walk past in the background when the photograph was taken and no-one noticed, a plane in the sky or a fly that landed on someone’s nose.

Unacceptable enhancements of commercial photography in Perth

Whilst there is no black and white here, altering photographs with the intention to deceive is fraught with danger. You might not believe that erasing a mole on someone’s face is wrong, but when compared to the original, even if the change is subtle, it can be perceived as deceit.

Of course, giving models a flawless skin might not be considered as unethical to some people, because none of the model’s features have been drastically altered. The problem is how far do you go until the image no longer is a true representation of reality?

This is why any manipulation of corporate photography in Perth can backfire on the company, bringing their brand and reputation into danger. It’s certainly a question of how much is too much.

How do you decide what is acceptable?

This is a hard question and every commercial company will have their own criteria. Maybe the first step is to decide why you are using an image that needs to be altered and whether you can instead, use one that does not need to be manipulated.

However, if you have no choice but to go with a flawed image, then it is best if you only make subtle changes, holding to reality as much as possible. Major changes with a clear intent to deceive the public is a slippery slide from which your brand may never recover.

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