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Are you on the lookout for a corporate photography company in Perth? A company with over 25 years’ experience taking hi-quality images for corporate, commercial and industrial applications? Then why not let the team at Imagepro help with your next project. Not only are we the image professionals. We’re friendly and approachable and ready to assist you in creating great quality images for your company.

At Imagepro, we regularly help companies with generating images for internal communications, website content, marketing and sales collateral. Furthermore, we’re experienced in working with a wide range of market sectors from large blue-chip corporates, not for profits and medium sized business. We are a small but dedicated team of corporate photographers based in Perth WA.

We’re happy to work with in-house marketing and communications teams to generate conceptual imagery and deliver stylish photographs. We’re also able to assist you even if you have little or no experience with creative projects. In fact, it’s more common than you would think. We don’t expect our clients to understand what makes strong, creative and engaging images, that can be subjective. That’s where we can help.

Our service philosophy

By working together alongside our clients, listening to their instructions and understanding what they are trying to realise. Imagepro always strives to offer the very best in client customer service and satisfaction. From the moment you contact us until the moment you receive your images. After working in the industry for nearly three decades we’ve learnt a thing of two. Moreover, we understand what our clients value.

  • Honesty and reliability
  • Value for money
  • A professional approach to all tasks
  • Professional hi-quality images
  • 100% satisfaction

Moreover, this is the corner-stone on which we have built and grown our business over time. It’s a philosophy that has helped us work with some of Perth’s leading corporates and brands. So, we value all of our customers and work tirelessly to ensure they receive the best possible service and delivery.

In fact, why not head over to our testimonials page and see what our clients say about us.

Corporate photographer Perth

Corporate photography is very specialised. Moreover, we know that many companies have marketing and branding guidelines that need to be factored in to creative tasks. Including photography. That’s why we are happy to work with individuals and groups to understand what it is our clients are trying to achieve. Almost all projects require some level of planning and logistics, and we can assist you with that. It’s important to note, working across several areas with many stakeholders requires scheduling. Logistics are a big part of successful outcomes.

Corporate photography essentials

Before we undertake any assignment, we’ll want to know a few things straight away. There’s some basic information we need when trying to ascertain what you’re trying to achieve. So, if possible, try and include this information when you contact us.

  • What is the project for? What is the intended purpose of principle photography?
  • Who and what is involved in the project? So, this is essentially about staff and stakeholder involvement as well as considering facilities, machinery, products and backgrounds.
  • Dates, times and locations
  • Style and aesthetic of the images you want to capture i.e. clean and natural, moody, glamorous, or business-like, colour or black and white
  • Delivery requirements of the images – the intended use of the generated content

It’s our recommendation that all our clients have this as a minimum. Our advice always is, the more information you can provide about your project, the better the outcomes. Planning is the key to successful photography assignments.

The image professionals

Finally, if you’re in need of corporate photography in Perth why not get in touch to see how we can assist you with you next creative, corporate photography project.

We can be contacted via our contact page. But, we’re also active on social media, including Facebook, Instagram as well as on LinkedIn. Contact the image professionals today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

At Imagepro we specialise in commercial photography. We thrive on providing high quality images to our clients for corporate, mining and industrial, headshots, products, events, aerial drone photography services to meet your business needs. We also provide team sports and group photography services. Imagepro can also provide training to companies and individuals, from basic to advanced photographic techniques. We can help you develop your company image library for marketing collateral. We regularly work with large corporations, government departments, not-for-profit organisations, medium to small businesses and sole traders to create images for website, e-commerce, branding and marketing needs. We also work with creative agencies to deliver impactful images for advertising and marketing campaigns for print, web, billboard and television commercials.

At Imagepro, what sets us apart is our extensive (over 30 years’) experience in creating stunning images for a large variety of organisations and businesses. That’s what makes us the image professionals! Some of our clients come to us after either trying to do their own photography or having mediocre experiences with other providers. Hiring Imagepro as your professional photographer takes the worry out of capturing great looking images. We will work closely with you to obtain a clear brief for your project, plan the logistics and communicate efficiently to ensure your needs are met. We are a friendly and approachable team that are honest and upfront about costs and how we can provide the solutions you require. If you are looking for a professional photographer that will deliver consistently impressive results on time and on budget, contact us today.

Imagepro have offices in Perth and Mandurah. We service the Perth Metropolitan and greater Perth area, including the Peel and Southwest regions. We can fly out to your mine site or other regional and remote location. Imagepro often work with interstate and international companies. We can complete photography in our private studio or come to your workplace or outdoor location, depending on your project requirements. We understand that some bookings require us to work outside normal business hours.

Yes, Imagepro are degree qualified professionals and hold professional indemnity and public liability insurances. We have the relevant qualifications and experience to carry out all aspects of the photography services and training we offer. Imagepro are CASA certified drone operators and hold AROC certification, National Police Clearance and Working with Children Check. Imagepro can also provide Drug and Alcohol screening clearances for mine site attendance as required. We have the required safety equipment and PPE to attend work on industrial and mining locations.

How long is a piece of string? Each project is different. It all depends on your exact requirements, the number of people involved, number of images required, location, time required to set up each shot and time required to process, edit, and develop all the final images. This can all vary depending on the type of photography you need, and the workflows required.

Imagepro generally work on half and full day rates for onsite and studio photography, with additional costing for editing, any additional equipment or travel to remote locations outside Perth metropolitan area if required. Imagepro will obtain a clear brief for your photography project and provide you with a written quotation. We provide competitive packages for photography and aerial drone services and will ensure costings are clearly outlined before you proceed with booking your session.

When we are contracted to take photographic images for our clients, once payment is received you will be licenced to use the images for your website and for print in perpetuity. As per federal copyright law Imagepro (the photographer) retains the copyright for all images taken and reserves the right to use images for marketing and promotional purposes on our website. Copyright permission and additional fees will be incurred if images are to be used for billboard, cinema advertising or television commercials, so please indicate whether you intend to use your images for any other purpose.

When we are contracted to take photographic images for our clients, once payment is received you will be licenced to use the images for your website and for print in perpetuity. As per federal copyright law Imagepro retains the copyright for all images taken and reserves the right to use images for marketing and promotional purposes on our website. Copyright permission and additional fees will be incurred if images are to be used for billboard, cinema advertising or television commercials, so please indicate whether you intend to use your images for any other purpose.

Absolutely. We accept smaller, portable items for product photography in our private studio. These can be either dropped off to our Osborne Park office or sent to us via courier. If you have larger items or need on-site photography, we can arrange a suitable time to attend your workplace.

Yes. We can come out to your workplace to take individual and group portraits. We have experience in working in many different settings, including office locations, construction and mining, healthcare, dental and other private businesses. Imagepro can produce great quality formal and informal environmental portraits and headshots to meet your brand guidelines and company profile needs. We can also arrange a make-up artist to ensure everyone is looking their best. We will also provide backdrops or other equipment needed for indoor, natural lighting or outdoor locations as desired.

At Imagepro, we work as efficiently as possible to provide high quality results for our clients. Logistics and planning is an important part of any photoshoot, so a considered approach and allowing adequate timeframes usually ensures a stress-free and smoother experience on the day. Remember that time is needed to set-up and pack down equipment, move between locations if needed and allow time for lighting, makeup and safety considerations.

The location chosen for your photoshoot can be critical to its success. Consider the surroundings and the lighting conditions. For interior locations keep in mind ceiling heights, wall colours and window placements. The time of day and weather conditions can be critical for exterior locations. Consider if the environment suits the style of images you are hoping to achieve. Check if any permissions are needed to shoot in your chosen location.

More space provides more creative options for your photographer to work with. Ideally larger, uncluttered work areas are desired. Your Imagepro photographer will use different positions and lighting angles for the camera and lighting equipment. This is particularly relevant when shooting people or products, so consider how to manage the space for the best result.

Imagepro will transfer digital images via an online link to you directly. Then you can download your images and store them safely on your own computer or drive. We can also provide high quality prints if required for your project. A standard turnaround time for commercial photography is 24-48hrs, but again this depends on the size of your project and exact requirements. Most images require some level of processing, which may include cropping and resizing. For product photography, etching, retouching or more intensive editing may also be needed to ensure your images look their best. Imagepro always work hard to ensure projects are completed to deadlines and will provide advice on turnaround times required for your project.

Contact Imagepro today for a free, no obligation quote and let us as the image professionals turn your photography project desires into reality.

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