Photography Training Perth

Due to multiple requests the Imagepro Academy is now offering bespoke tuition and classes in a variety of photograph subjects. So, if you’re looking for photography training perth, we can help.

This includes: Studio Lighting essentials, Studio Portrait Lighting, Still Life Photography, Aerial Drone Photography, Adobe Lightroom Essentials, Adobe Photoshop Essentials & Adobe Photoshop for Photographers.

Moreover, all instruction is undertaken by qualified and experienced photography tutors.

Photography training course in action

As a result, we are excepting expressions of interest (EOI’s) for the 2nd quarter of 2023. Workshops are held in the Perth metropolitan area, Mandurah and the South West. In addition, the classes are open to individuals and companies wishing to further their knowledge of particular photographic subjects. All workshops are limited to 12 students. This allows our qualified instructors to interact with participants and personalise the delivery of information and to answer questions more expediently.

Importantly, although we use the canon camera system for our all of our classes the theory and knowledge presented in course can be applied to any proprietary system. * PLEASE NOTE All participants will need to provide their own laptop pre-loaded with Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Lightroom for all of our workshops

In addition, instruction takes place in clean, air-conditioned environments, with modern amenities and take place in the day during normal business hours. However, all participants must be 18 years of age to be considered for any of the workshops or be accompanied by an adult, carer or parent.

Finally, for all EOI’s please get in touch using our contact’s page. To register your interest in any of these photography workshops please email us with your contact details including the course code and the dates you are available to attend.

Studio lighting essentials

Difficulty Level – Easy

Course code SLE001

Firstly, in this one-day training course, students are introduced to rudimentary studio photography and lighting design. However, both theory and practical aspects of studio lighting is covered. With the emphasis on hands-on completion of several lighting tasks for participants. This course is best suited to photographers with very little knowledge or training in the use and application of strobe lighting. All participants are required to bring their own laptop with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom pre-installed. Students are encouraged to bring their own cameras and lenses. Photography training Perth.

For instance, some of the content covered includes:

  • How strobe lighting works vs Constant LED sources
  • Light metering
  • Optimal camera settings
  • Modifiers
  • Backgrounds
  • Studio strobes vs Speedlights and portable lighting
  • Processing and editing studio images
Studio lighting photography training
studio portrait photography training

Studio Portrait Lighting

Difficulty Level – Moderate

Course code SPL001

Students participating in this workshop will learn the techniques required to capture studio style portraits in a variety of different ways. Consequently, participants will work on creating balanced and well-lit portraits in a range of styles. This is aimed at photographers who already have some experience with cameras and have previously experimented with photographic lighting. Moreover, the workshop is directed at photographers wanting to learn more about the theory, techniques and practical aspects used in photographing human subjects in a controlled studio environment. All participants are required to bring their own laptop with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom pre-installed. Students are encouraged to bring their own cameras and lenses.

In summary, below is some of the content covered:

  • Optimal strobe settings when photographing human subjects
  • Lighting styles and techniques
  • Posing subjects
  • Directing and subtracting light using modifiers, reflectors and grids
  • The lighting Arc’s and positioning light sources
  • Portrait lenses and optimal camera settings
  • Processing, editing and output workflows

Still Life Photography

Difficulty Level – Easy to moderate

Course code SLP001

This one-day workshop concentrates on the fine-art capture of still life objects. Moreover, it includes instruction about planning and table top set design as well as exploring colour theory. But, there is also tuition covering the history and stylistic elements of still life photography. Similarly, lighting techniques are also discussed and how to apply them. Moreover, all participants are encouraged to explore their own creative ideas and get hands on during the classes. So, there is a strong practical component to all the workshops.

Some of the content covered includes:

  • Planning
  • Shot composition
  • Applications of colour theory
  • Historical contexts
  • Lighting design and the use of depth of field
  • Processing and editing techniques and the use of histograms
Still life photography training course
aerial drone photography training perth

Aerial Drone photography

Difficulty Level – Moderate

Course code ADP001

This one-day workshop covers how to set-up a standard DJI drone to take good quality photographic images. In addtion, our CASA licenced aerial drone pilot will go through UAV image set-up, Image file formats and recommended internal settings. Third party accessories such as ND filters and polarising filters are also discussed. Moreover, the workshop also covers some other photography basics including the processing of RAW and DNG files and the use of histograms. * Please be aware however, this is not a flight training course. Only photographic and UHD video capture principles are covered in this workshop. Therefore, please ensure you have all the necessary accreditation to operate a UAV. There will be an optional flight and image capture component during the day to evaluate theoretical and practical knowledge.

Some of the content covered includes:

  • Auto vs manual settings which one get the best results
  • RAW, DNG and JPEG file formats
  • Using filters
  • Image stitching, panoramas and special effects
  • Optimal settings for aerial drone photography
  • Processing, editing and output of image files
  • Using Adobe Lightroom for bulk edits

Finally, to register your expression of interest in this photography training Perth course please email us with your details including the course code and the dates you are available to attend.

Photoshop training perth

Photoshop for photographers

Difficulty Level – Easy to Moderate

Course code PFP001

This one-day workshop gives photographers an orientation in how to use some of the main features in Adobe Photoshop. The course is written and aimed directly at photographers and covers the features needed to create technically correct images for use on the web or for print. Thus, various workflows are covered well as the setting-up of Photoshop for use in a photographic context. The Adobe Camera RAW editor is also discussed and student will gain hands-on experience using ACR and Photoshop for real life applications.

Some of the content covered includes:

  • Setting up Adobe Photoshop for Photographers
  • Importing, resizing and output
  • Adjustment layers
  • Using masks
  • Using histograms
  • RAW vs Jpeg
  • Adobe Camera RAW workflow