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Lots of people and small start-ups struggle with Pro-photography in Perth, and in particular, products, because if we’re honest, it can take years to master, in fact most customers that come to us have already ‘had a go’ and failed. This doesn’t mean that non-professionals can’t take decent product images, but it does mean that you need to learn the nuances that transform a good photograph into an awesome one.

After all, high quality product images for websites can bring in a lot of revenue, especially if you have an ecommerce store. As you can imagine, being able to touch a physical product in a store helps to sell that item, but with an online store you only have your written content and your images. This is why your photography skills are so vital and important to your bottom line.

So let’s take a look at 7 tips that can take your products and your commercial photography in Perth to the next level

  1. Camera:

    Some people use smartphones, but if you want to really hit a home run with your product photography in Perth, then you need a high-end DSLR that can also capture videos as well.

  2. Lenses:

    For midrange shots you need a 50mm lens and for close-up work a 105mm lens. Don’t use a wide-angle lens as this will distort the image and use a small f8 or f11 aperture to give you greater depth of field and a clearer image of your product.

  3. Tripod:

    With a small aperture you’ll need a slower shutter speed to let in enough light (longer exposures). So, with lower shutter speeds Hand held images would be too blurry. For crisp, clear images you need to use a tripod, but don’t worry because there are plenty online that don’t cost the earth.

  4. Lighting:

    You can start by using natural light, preferably from a north facing window and move onto exploring other light sources later. Consider using deflectors to bounce and reflect the light and a diffuser to soften the light. Also, don’t mix different light sources as this makes adjusting the white balance more difficult. A pro lighting set up may be an option but they’re expensive but can give you amazing results.

  5. Backdrop:

    Many product photographers in Perth use a white or light grey background, which is simple and looks professional. You can also use different backgrounds to complement your product, just make sure that there is nothing distracting in the background that could take the emphasis away from your product.

  6. Angles:

    Take lots of shots from many different angles (including close-ups) to give the potential buyer a good overall feel for the product. This is important for ecommerce stores, because the item cannot be touched and picked up.

  7. Creativity:

    Depending on your products, thinking outside the box and showing your products in unusual situations can give your photographs an edge. Just be sure that other items in the shot don’t distract the customer from the hero of the image – your product.

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